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University up next or When there’s 1 week left

Hello darlings!

I’m currently writing in the lovely Danish weather – meaning I’m hiding inside with a cup of chocolate, listening to rain falling outside. It’s still so different to be back home, but I guess I better get used to the weather again since it’s mostly the same in Scotland.

These past 5 weeks have passed so fast, and I cannot believe I’m only 1 week away from beginning my next adventure: University! My lovely parents are going to drive me all the way, so we’re making a holiday out of the long trip, starting with a night in Amsterdam, exactly one week from now.

As I’ve said, again and again, my gap year in Paris was my best decision so far. But I’m really looking forward to going to university and to be studying again. It’s gonna be rough to start again, after a year where I haven’t’ done much, but I’m also expecting to get some unforgettable years. For starters, I’m finaæly getting my own place. Or partly, since I’ll be moving into university accommodation. I’ll get my own room and bathroom (thank God), but I’ll be sharing the kitchen with some lovely ladies. I think it’s going to be great to share a bit and be able to socialize, but I’m so happy for the fact that I’ll try for the first time ever, to be more or less completely on my own.

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll be studying English and history as joint honors, and I’m SO excited. I’m expecting a letter and my first book TBR soon, and I’ve really started to realize that this is happening. I’m moving to Scotland, I’m going to study at a university. I’m going to leave Denmark once again. To be honest, I’m living the life that I have been dreaming of.

How about you guys, anyone else excited about university too? About studying and moving away from home?

I’m working on something new which I cannot wait to reveal for you!! But you have to be patient for a bit longer before I’ll release it for you.. 😉

That’s all for now xx


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What au paring has taught me or Final thoughts a year later

Hello darlings!

The weather in Paris is craazy hot at the moment! I’m currently writing in 35 degrees with no AC. So I gotta admit I’m kind of looking forward to coming back home to a bit colder Denmark. I cannot believe I’m leaving in exactly 3 weeks. I guess you always know the fact that time is flying, but it always comes as a shock when you’re so close to the end. However, it also gives you a lot of reflective thoughts.

Exactly one year ago today I graduated. Many of my friends from Denmark are currently graduating or studying for their last exam. I’ve talked with them a lot in between their studying etc, and a lot of my memories from when I was in their situation has come back to me. I remember so clearly all the stress and fuss about everything. Everything from striving for the perfect grade, to making a good impression on your teachers, to worrying about fitting in. College is a big deal. Not only because your final grades are defining your future, but also the process most people are still in, trying to find themselves.

But what I know now, and what I realised in this year abroad, is that there’s so much more to life. College was for me 3 very challenging years, but it was nothing compared to the challenges and things I’ve had to face this year. I know when you’re in school, it seems like everything and the most important thing in the world. But as I’ve mentioned before, when you really leave your comfort zone, that’s when you find the important things. That’s when you find yourself.

And even though you can do this in many ways, au paring was the best choice for me. Because I get forced into situations I couldn’t predict, I get challenged in my opinions and values every day. And that has taught me far more than anything I learned in school ever did.

So I guess what I wanna tell you all, is to encourage you that there’s so much more to life than school. If you wanna dream, dream big. If there’s something you wanna do, then do it. And if you get an opportunity to do something completely out of your comfort zone, do it. School is great and it is important, but just remember life has so much more to offer <3

That’s all for now, and congrats to all the people who is graduating this year! 


How to apply for university in the U.K.

Hello darlings!

So a couple of you have been asking me how you apply to universities in the U.K. I know if you are from the U.K., you can get a lot of help from your school, but if not you might have to do it all on your own.
However, I want to recommend to go to ucas.com, which is the website from where you’ll apply. They have some really good tutorials and contact information if you need any help.

It’s very different from country to country how you apply for university. In Denmark there’s two ways, where the first is strictly about your final grade from college. The second way is more similar to the way it’s done in the U.K. The grade does matter, and there is always a  grade point average you need to reach, but it is not all you need. I’ve made an easy 5-steps guide for you here, and if you have any questions, just comment below!

  1. Start by register on UCAS.
    All university applications in the U.K. goes through Ucas. Filling in your application is the first step for you to do, once you’ve decided what you want to study and where.
  2. Find a course you want to study. Even though the university you choose might be important, finding the right course for you is possibly the most imprtant stage. UCAS has an exellent search page, where you’ll be able to check out your options.
  3. From March to September, you should spend some time researching  universities. The U.K. has many great options, and even though many people look after the big universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Kings College London, there’s many other universities who might fit you better. Open days, conferences and conventions also take place in these months, which is a great opportunity for you to check out the universities you might be interested in.
  4. Once you have decided wich course or university you would like to apply for, you should start on your application. That includes a motivation letter, filling out the application forms on UCAS and a recomendation letter, typically from your teacher. Even though you can apply for up to 5 universties/courses at once, there’s only room for one motivation letter.
  5. The 15th of january is the deadline to apply for most universities, so you need to have it send by then – that’s the last step, to send your application and wait for repply.

As to when the university will apply, the deadline is often in may, depending on the university. However, in my experience, if you’re from another country that the U.K. you might get your answer later than the applicants coming from the U.K. You would also need to take an eglish test on academic level, if you’re from a country whoe first language isnt english.

Thats all for now, and I wish you the best of luck for your applications! xx