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How to afford travelling as a student (even when you’re broke)

As Im writing from my third travel destination this summer, some of you have been asking me how it is possible to travel so much as a student? We all know, now is not the time we as students have a lot of money, even with student jobs. But I’m here to tell you it is possible to see the world while being broke all the time:

The first thing I wanna talk about is priorities. We all have them, and they’re all different. Its what we’re passionate about and what we put before anything else. For some its music, instruments, concerts etc. For others its education, assignments, putting school always first. For others its make up, social life or clothes. For me, its travelling. I don’t really spend a lot of money on e.g. clothes or make-up. I might buy a new dress now and then, but its definitely not where most of my money goes. And just by maybe spending bit less on the things you buy from month to month, it can actually end up being enough for a flight ticket!

When I go abroad, Im always looking or possibilities for being to able to stay somewhere without having to pay. Whether its staying with a friend, doing it for charity or volunteering, its really a money saver – as Im volunteering here in Israel I get a place to stay AND food, and ad you read in my last post, it really helps since food is so expensive here. You might not want to having to work or help while you’re travelling, but I gotta tell you it can be a way to make it cheaper for you. And there are so many different kind of volunteer jobs out there, so its just about finding something you’d really like to do. In some ways I believe volunteering or staying with someone you know, can teach you more than just staying at some fancy hotel somewhere. Its definitely one of my favourite ways to go new places.

When looking for flight tickets, it can always be a good idea to go to an overall page, which resembles all flights and find you the cheapest one. I personally prefer Momondo, but there’s loads out there for you to use.

Coachsurfing or hitchhiking are both great alternatives as well. With couch-surfing you can get lucky and get a super nice host who will take you around the place, sometimes you even get your own room! Other times you really do just get a couch, but when its for free thats really nothing to complain about. I know a lot are afraid of hitchhiking, especially girls. I used to be one of them. And Im not saying you shouldn’t be careful, but as long as you’re being sensible and smart, its really a great way to travel!

Moreover, if your preferred destinations are cities, google the things you wanna see before hand. A lot of cities has free days for turist attractions, or are student friendly. For example, in Paris most turist attractions are free for European citizens and students between 18-26. The only thing I really had to pay for while working there was practically the Eiffel Tower – and even that was only like €16!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you’ll be able to go on many travels from now on! – if you have any questions, feel free to comment below 😉

Solo travel – Tiberias


Thye city of Tiberias, on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee and the 4th holiest city in Judaism was the first destination of my solo travels here in Israel. With easy bus connections it was easy to get to and the weather was, as every day in August, amazing and very hot.

As I arrived just around midday, the city by the lake felt pretty dead and most market shops were closed for a wee siesta. I went to see St. Peter’s church, went for a boat ride on the lake and had a delicious meal for 1, went for a swim (couldn’t walk on the water unfortunately.) But other than that, I would not recommend the city for a solo traveller without a car.

Most sights which are worth seeing, a further than a walk away, so you’d either have to drive or take a bus. Personally when I have such a short period of time, I prefer to do my discovering on feet, as you’re slowed down enough to see and notice everything around you. And I hate wasting time in transport. If I’d had a car it would have been different, but as I hadn’t there really wasn’t much to do or see. Of course just wandering around, enjoying the view and atmosphere is great, but if you’re looking for something more to do (as I was), I wouldn’t say this is the place to go. Id say Jerusalem or Tel Aviv would have much more to offer a solo traveller.

There’s also the opportunity to rent a bike and bike around the lake, which I really would have liked to do, but I think its something Id prefer to do with company. – Its a 55km trip, so Id imagine its definitely something that would be worth doing! (I also bet you’ll be dripping with sweat afterwards)

So, as for my experience, Tiberius is a great city, but next time Ill bring someone for my visit 😉