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Packing my life in boxes.. again

2 years ago I had the challenge of packing what had been my entire life for the last 19 years. I moved out of the house I had called my home for my entire life. I left everything I had ever known, my comfort zone, where I knew every km of the city I grew up in. And what a feeling that was.

Here I am, 2 year later in another country. Ive called Scotland my home for the last year, and will do so for another 3. But my time in student halls only lasted for a year, and Ive been so grateful for all the experiences Ive had here. Though it have been challenging at many times, and might not be the living condition Id chose again in the future it has been such a great year. Not only did I start a new chapter of my life as a university student, I also found myself to get to know a completely new city, a new country and a very new accent (scottish was not easy to understand in the beginning I can tell you!)

So even though its a quite different experience since last time, as I know I will come back soon and Im not leaving with the uncertainty I had when I left Paris, its always something different when you reach the end of something. To stand around in my nearly empty room, probably cleaner than it has been the entire year, and somehow so empty. Its almost hard to imagine that this 13m has been the place Ive found rest and felt most myself for the past 9 months. Having said goodbye to so many people, I do not know if Ill see again. And soon Ill be living in a new place that will somehow end up giving me the exact same feeling. Of course your home isn’t just a room or a flat, but the fact that a place that I entered as a complete stranger ended up being the place I loved cuddling up with a book in on a rainy Sunday, had my friends over for pancake mornings or even just woke in with my morning cup of coffee every single morning, feeling happy while looking over my 5th floor view. Its something. Something to wonder about when you’re at the end of it all, wondering if you got the best out of it you could. If I wasted too many moments in front of Netflix, too many talks complaining over my messy flatmates or just too many wishes for the future to happen sooner.

But no matter how many thoughts go through my mind as I sit here on my very last evening on 76 Old Hawkhill in Dundee, I have to be honest and tell you, surrounded by suitcases and empty drawers, that this year has been sich an incredible year and a truly great start to university life in Scotland. Im looking forward to coming back in September for sure (though I will definitely enjoy the next 2 months stress and essay free.

How to pack for university accommodation Or my checklist

Hello darlings!

Time is flying faster than ever, and in just about 3 weeks I’ll be leaving my hometown in Denmark once again. I’m so excited for university-life, and even though it’s still weeks away, I’ve already started packing – after all it’s the first time I’ll actually be living on my own. With my own plates and forks and knives and everything! I know I’m not a “grown up yet”, but there’s something about having your own stuff for the first time. Do you guys get excited about this stuff too?

However, I know packing for this big moment in your “grown-up” life can be very hard and challenging, and to help myself I’ve made the ultimately packing-list, and I thought I’d share it with you! Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion or any questions you might have! xx







How to pack for a year abroad or My packing list

Happiness is…

… Packing for an adventure somewhere far.

Time is really flying and there is only 4 days left for me now 😮 Then I’ll be in Paris! I think I’ve made it to do most of the things I wanted to do before I’m leaving Denmark, except for one thing: saying goodbye. That’ll be a harsh one!
But other than making yourself ready mentally there is also a lot of practical things that needs to be done before moving abroad. Such as packing. Ugh!
I have a big room at home, so my sister will get it once I leave. Therefore I won’t just have to pack my luggage for the next year, I’ll also have to pack everything else in boxes and put them away. But to be honest, the hardest thing is to pack your luggage for the next year. I mean, I’ll have to predict and guess what will be important for me to have for the next year. And I’ll have to be extremely picky, cause I only have 1 luggage! (and handbags of course.) But since I’m really bad at that, really bad at deciding what is important and what I should leave at home, I’ve made a packing list for myself, with inspiration from the sweet Maria (read about her here ). I’ve shared it with you here:


As you can see, I’ve really tried only to pack the essentials. And stuff like shampoo and conditioner I would only pack in travel size so you have for the first couple of days, cause that is something you can easily buy once you get there. When it comes to make-up, I have only packed the most expensive and used ones, cause it can really take a lot of place, and again you can easily buy it when you have arrived. The same goes for creams like bodylotion etc. I’m allowed to have 23 kg with, and when I weighed the luggage yesterday, it was 22,2! Hope I won’t think of anything else I also have to pack.. 😉

A bientôt!

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