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What au paring has taught me or Final thoughts a year later

Hello darlings!

The weather in Paris is craazy hot at the moment! I’m currently writing in 35 degrees with no AC. So I gotta admit I’m kind of looking forward to coming back home to a bit colder Denmark. I cannot believe I’m leaving in exactly 3 weeks. I guess you always know the fact that time is flying, but it always comes as a shock when you’re so close to the end. However, it also gives you a lot of reflective thoughts.

Exactly one year ago today I graduated. Many of my friends from Denmark are currently graduating or studying for their last exam. I’ve talked with them a lot in between their studying etc, and a lot of my memories from when I was in their situation has come back to me. I remember so clearly all the stress and fuss about everything. Everything from striving for the perfect grade, to making a good impression on your teachers, to worrying about fitting in. College is a big deal. Not only because your final grades are defining your future, but also the process most people are still in, trying to find themselves.

But what I know now, and what I realised in this year abroad, is that there’s so much more to life. College was for me 3 very challenging years, but it was nothing compared to the challenges and things I’ve had to face this year. I know when you’re in school, it seems like everything and the most important thing in the world. But as I’ve mentioned before, when you really leave your comfort zone, that’s when you find the important things. That’s when you find yourself.

And even though you can do this in many ways, au paring was the best choice for me. Because I get forced into situations I couldn’t predict, I get challenged in my opinions and values every day. And that has taught me far more than anything I learned in school ever did.

So I guess what I wanna tell you all, is to encourage you that there’s so much more to life than school. If you wanna dream, dream big. If there’s something you wanna do, then do it. And if you get an opportunity to do something completely out of your comfort zone, do it. School is great and it is important, but just remember life has so much more to offer <3

That’s all for now, and congrats to all the people who is graduating this year! 


What’s coming next / new travel destination 

Hello darlings 

I’m currently writing from the warm and sunny Saudi Arabia, for the 4th and last time. I’m enjoying the wonderful weather, though I gotta say I’m glad it’s the last time. Being with your host family 24/7 for 2 weeks is tough, and Saudi Arabia is not a country with a lot of activities to do.

However, this blog post is about something very differently. Not about Saudi Arabia, Paris or even being an au pair. So what’s else would it be about you ask? It’s about my next travel destination! As you all know I love being an au pair, but for me, my Paris-adventure stops in July. Though loads of girls choose to continue as an au pair for another year, I’ve always known that for me, I just wanted it to be a part of this one, amazing year. And then I’d be ready for the next adventure. 

Therefore, from next year off, I’ll keep writing about my travel destination and so on, as I have done so far. But no longer from Paris. When I’ll write in September 2017, it will be from…


I’m happy to tell you all that I’ve been accepted to a course at university of Dundee in Scotland, starting the 1st of September. I’m so excited for this, and though I’ve fallen deeply in love with Paris, and I know I’m gonna miss it more than anything, I’m looking forward to my next chapter.

What do you guys have planned for the next year? 

Until next time xx