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Crete and other Greek creations

After having travelled for the culture and experiences lately, I just went on a real charter vacation. It was AMAZING! As much as I do enjoy exploring, organising and learning everything there is to know when I travel somewhere new, I gotta say it was nice to do nothing but relax for a week. We had sun, warm, water and sooo much delicious food! Crete is such a beautiful place and I would love to come back (soon pls)

Crete exists of many splendid beaches, cities, dreamy villages and incredible landscapes in he glitteting Mediterranean. Though what I did mostly consisted of staying at the hotel getting fat from barely moving a feet and eating the amazing food, I did get a wee taste of the very friendly locals, traditions and wonderful cuisine.

I discovered the wonders of the 16km hike through the Gorge of Samaria, which included a drive in the only national park on Crete. I tasted dishes such as tzatziki(of course), Gyro, Paidakia and so much more. The beaches were amazing and it was definitely needed to take several swims in the heath of 35 degrees in summer.

Crete is the biggest of the Crete islands, and it probably has the most diverse landscape. The South Coast is more rugged and less visited than the North, containing many wonderful hikes, isolated villages and gorges. The western part contains the White Mountains, which soar to over 2,000m os the island (which Im hoping to see more of next time)

So after my first time ever on Greek lands, Im definitely planning going back, what a threat that trip was!