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Spending christmas with your host family or Trying other traditions

Bonjour a tout le monde et joyeux noël!

So today is the 25th of December and for the first time ever I haven’t spend Christmas eve with my family. It has been a really different experience for me, and even though Christmas has a different meaning the older you get, not being home with my family has made me realize that there’s still a lot of things you appreciate and traditions you prefer. E.g. for the first time ever I tried to open my christmas presents in the morning of the 25th, which was really weird for me, since the tradition in Denmark is to open the gifts in the evening of the 24th. I tried to go out and eat with another family, and to eat a completely different meal, than what we in Denmark would consider as a typical Danish christmas meal. Though it wasn’t a traditional french meal either. So I guess in many ways it was a very special christmas for me, and it haven’t really felt like christmas. I didn’t get to go to church for the christmas service with my family  or walk around the christmas tree and sing christmas songs. I didn’t get my moms home-baked christmas biscuits and the traditional “ris-a-la-mande” for dessert. And for me I think these traditions are some of the things that makes christmas feel like christmas for me, these traditions that we follow on this magical night. But of course the biggest difference was the fact that I wasn’t with my own family, and I think, in the end, that’s the most important. However I enjoyed the experience of trying something very different, e.g. I spend the last 3 days in the country Bahrain, where I was swimming in the pool and sun bathing by the ocean. That’s definitely the first time ever I’ve tried that, to be in 25 degrees christmas day.
I wish you all a very merry christmas, and hope that you get to be with the ones you love today (:

A bientôt