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A year later?!

Almost a year has passed since my last post, and oh my goodness a lot has happened since then!

First of all I wanna say Im sorry that I never another blog post – sp many of you have been sending me very kind messages in the last year, asking me if I was ever gonna write on my blog again or what?! And even though I have wanted to do it when receiving every single message, I just haven’t felt that passionately about my blog since starting university in September last year. Ive been thinking a lot about whether I wanted to continue, or just delete it? But as you probably can guess by this post, I decided to get back into writing – and oh boy have I missed it!

Though my theme and so on has changed a lot, Im still up for writing about my travels (though they might be a bit more rare, as you know #brokenstudentlife) but Ill also be writing about my university experience, how it is to study in Scotland etc. And I AM excited to get back into it all! Im currently packing everything into boxes yet again, which my next post will be all about, so remember to keep posted x