Hi and welcome! I’m Lizzie Husum, founder of this blog you’ve somehow ended up at! Taste of Travel Tales is a blog place of traveling, exploration, creativity and inspiration. Im currently a student at University of Dundee in English and Creative Writing.
I love writing, traveling, taking photos and just write about this big adventure called life. Id like to travel to as many countries as possible, encounter and learn about as many cultures as I can and hopefully pick up a few words in each language along the way. I spent my year after high school as an au pair in France and feel completely in love with the country and culture. Now you can find me on scottish grounds for at lest a few years, and who knows where to next?

On a more personal level
Im constantly trying to get better at focusing on the things that really matters,
such as finding happiness, appreciating the people around me and following Jesus.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me 🙂


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