Finland: fair, forests and familial ?

To be honest with you, a year ago from now I did not have many thoughts on the wonders of Finland. I knew there was a country somewhere over there, that got pretty cold in winters and could have warm summers. Not exactly my first travel destination to choose. But thats what I love so much about travelling, you meet so many people from all around the world and for each time you get more and more knowledge. I went from not knowing anything about Finland basically, to, by befriending a Finnish girl, go travel there and see the country myself, experience the culture first hand and leave with an understanding of yet other country.

Finland is the home of many beautiful lakes, forests, mountains, waterfalls and in general a very beautiful and exciting nature. But furthermore it has great cities with so much history from its bloody wars, occupations and viking visits. Though I did not make it to the wonders of the Lapland, I still got a small taste of the nature, as just by going from Helsinki to the city of Turku, there was so much more nature than we have in Denmark and so many other places. It is so green, so grand. I would stand next to a tree so much taller than me, or at the edge of a huge lake, and feel so tiny. I know they say the world is a small place, but when you go places that can make you feel so small, I cant help but to think that it is the opposite, it is in fact so big.

Though Finland was a completely new country for me to visit, with a new and very different (read: difficult) language, I somehow felt at home as well. I guess because we nordic countries do stick together on a lot of things, there were so many familiar things such as shops, banks, buildings, welfare and customs. The way things were done and said were quite similar to Danish customs which made me feel as if I knew the place already. Just a bit more interesting than Denmark perhaps. ūüėČ

As you my dear readers do know, I love history so much. And the history of Finland is definitely something with knowing about. And if you are planning on going to Finland, especially the cities, you will be able to tell from what you know about their history when you’re travelling around. Whether its the Russian made capital Helsinki, or the very first city of Turku, you can tell by the magnificent buildings, churches, monuments and viking ships, you can learn so much about the events which the country has been defined by.

Even better, I did not feel like the cities had been destroyed by over-tourism, but could actually enjoy myself discovering the history and beautiful places almost feeling as I got it all to myself. Finland was a great experience and I will definitely be going back again. x

  • thenomadicscot

    Love it! Sounds like a great trip and a beautiful country x

    • Lizzie

      Thank you gal x

  • Peter

    Loved this post, Finland sounds amazing!

    • Lizzie

      Thank you Peter, it definitely was!

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