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Scotland – where to go?

After I’ve lived in Scotland for about a year, I have to admit I’ve fallen in love with a lot of the scottish culture as well as country. Though I’ve been studying at the university and thereby been busy attending lectures and so on, Ive had a few trips around in the cities and highlands, and I wanted to make a list for you with my favourite places so far. I also want to highly recommend a vacation trip to Scotland, though it is might not be the most popular country when you think of where to go in your summer holiday. But if you do enjoy a breathtaking nature, a very charming culture and something different from another beach holiday, Scotland is the perfect place. Flight tickets are not too expensive, rent a car or get hiking, there’s loads to explore!


I think very few people have not heard of the wonderful nature of the Scottish highlands by know, Whether its the highest mountain of Ben Nevis, the wonderful Isle of Skye or famous Loch Ness the iconic landscapes of Scotland is very well known. Though it can be quite rainy and cloudy most of the year, I have never experienced a nature and sceneries like in the Scottish highlands. Even touristy places like Loch Ness or Inverness echos with the history and myths very known by the Scottish folks. Glenfinnan Viaduct is a hidden gem Id recommend taking your time finding, as well as the fairy pools, The Bow Fiddle Rock near Moray and Glenfinnan Viaduct. But to be honest you can just jump in a car and start driving north, and I can promise you, you will find nature worth seeing. If there’s one thing that’ll take your breath away, its hiking the Old Man of Storr – thats a view worth seeing!

Cities & castles

Whether you’re thinking about Edinburgh, Glasgow or Inverness the cities in Scotland has a lot to offer! Almost every time Ive visited any of the bigger scottish cities, Ive immediately felt myself surrounded by the scottish culture. Whether its been back pipes playing, men walking around in kilts, beer talk and laughter in a pub, or a guide telling thrilling stories of the myths and legends well integrated to the history of the country. The castles such as Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle or Eilean Donan Castle can definitely still give you an idea of the great and proud kings and queens and clan leaders that used to rule Scotland. If you’re into castles theres enough to begin with, but the cities in themself are an amazing experience as well.

If you have any other topics or places you’d like me to write a post about, feel free to leave a comment! x