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Solo travel – Tiberias


Thye city of Tiberias, on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee and the 4th holiest city in Judaism was the first destination of my solo travels here in Israel. With easy bus connections it was easy to get to and the weather was, as every day in August, amazing and very hot.

As I arrived just around midday, the city by the lake felt pretty dead and most market shops were closed for a wee siesta. I went to see St. Peter’s church, went for a boat ride on the lake and had a delicious meal for 1, went for a swim (couldn’t walk on the water unfortunately.) But other than that, I would not recommend the city for a solo traveller without a car.

Most sights which are worth seeing, a further than a walk away, so you’d either have to drive or take a bus. Personally when I have such a short period of time, I prefer to do my discovering on feet, as you’re slowed down enough to see and notice everything around you. And I hate wasting time in transport. If I’d had a car it would have been different, but as I hadn’t there really wasn’t much to do or see. Of course just wandering around, enjoying the view and atmosphere is great, but if you’re looking for something more to do (as I was), I wouldn’t say this is the place to go. Id say Jerusalem or Tel Aviv would have much more to offer a solo traveller.

There’s also the opportunity to rent a bike and bike around the lake, which I really would have liked to do, but I think its something Id prefer to do with company. – Its a 55km trip, so Id imagine its definitely something that would be worth doing! (I also bet you’ll be dripping with sweat afterwards)

So, as for my experience, Tiberius is a great city, but next time Ill bring someone for my visit 😉